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Advertising Prices on Genius Holidays




Genius Holidays is a totally free website for tenants. Genius Holidays does not take any commission concerning the holiday rentals. To advertise on Genius Holidays, owners need to subscribe to a package. If their accommodation is booked for at least one or two days, owners will receive an amount of money larger than that they invested to subscribe to the package. It should be noted that owners need to renew their package after their initial duration if they still wish to advertise on Genius Holidays.


Package prices


There are three packages available on Genius Holidays:

  • 'Discovery' package: this package allows owners to advertise for 3 months on Genius Holidays. The price of this 3-month package is 49€ including tax.


  • 'High season' package: By subscribing to this package, owners can advertise on Genius Holidays for a 6-month period. The price of this package is 59 € including tax.


  • 'Serenity' package: this package allows owners to advertise for 1 year on Genius Holidays. The price of this 12-month package is 89€ including tax.



  • Trustworthy accommodation: this service is free and included in every package. All the classified rental properties can obtain the 'Trustworthy accommodation' logo. To benefit from this service, owners are required to provide some documentary evidence. Consequently, this service acts as a guarantee for people looking for a holiday rental property. More details ...


  • Pictures: owners can upload up to 15 pictures of their self-catering accommodation on Genius Holidays. These pictures are automatically adapted to the size used on Genius Holidays website. However, owners should provide good quality photographs.


  • Location of the holiday rental: Through our search engine, the location of holiday rentals can be seen on a map. If the holiday rental is not located at the right place, it can be modified on the map when completing the advertisement on Genius Holidays.


  • Availabilities: Owners can manage the availability of their self-catering accommodation through their personal account. If an advertisement is updated, it is automatically positioned at the top of the page. Regularly updated availability is a guarantee for both owners and tenants.


  • Calls for Offers: Any owner advertising on Genius Holidays is automatically granted access to the calls for offers. Calls for offers are a new concept which allows owners to rent their accommodation more easily. More details...


100% verified: By subscribing to this option, owners can have their holiday rental properties verified by a member of Genius Holidays team. This option is a guarantee for people looking for a holiday rental property as it provides proof of the accommodation and its facilities. If subscribing to this option, owners will receive the 100% Verified logo and a certification confirming the rental property verification.  More details ...


The 100% Verified option is valid for two years and costs €89 (including tax). After the payment, a member of Genius Holidays team will visit the accommodation within three months.



To advertise on Genius Holidays, payments are accepted by credit card (using secure payment through the BNP Paribas bank), personal cheque (the advertisement will be published as soon as we receive the cheque) or via Paypal.