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Visit Menton (France) during the Lemon festival
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Visit Menton in France during the Lemon festival

Come and stay for a long weekend, or a week, and share in the fun during the Fete des Citrons (lemon Festival) at Menton (France - French Riviera). This celebration started back in 1929 when an innkeeper had the idea of organising an exhibition of citrus fruits and flowers. At that time Menton was the biggest producing French region of citrus fruits. After the huge success of this first event people started parades with decorated floats the following year and in 1934 the town proclaimed the Lemon Festival an official event. 

Lemon festival Menton France

Each year a theme is chosen to add colour and originality to this Mentonese event.  We recommend that you book a Menton holiday rental property early to avoid disappointment. If you have trouble finding one then browse the available offers for Roquebrune Cap Martin holiday rental or seasonal rental properties at Beausoleil. You could opt for a holiday rental property at Nice and enjoy both the Menton Lemon Festival and the Nice Carnival which takes place at the same time. 

The parade and organisation of the Menton Lemon Festival 

The Lemon Festival at Menton employs the skills of over 350 people including gardeners and craftsmen for creating the decorated floats as well as agricultural and other workers to help with the preparation for this event that is visited each year by over 200,000 visitors. The Lemon Festival lasts for two weeks although it takes five months for the preparation and uses more than 120 tons of citrus fruit! 

It is a fabulous celebration that creates great fun and wonderful memories. One of the integral parts of this festival are the floats beautifully decorated with fruit and flowers that parade through the streets to a musical accompaniment.  These take place each Sunday afternoon during the festival as well as some evenings. You can also visit the incredible exhibitions of fruit and flowers and visit the ‘Jardin des Lumieres’. Exact details concerning festival dates and opening hours can be obtained at the Tourist Office. 

The Menton Lemon Festival, the Nice Carnival and the Mimosa festival at Mandelieu

We recommend you enjoy the other cultural events of the Cote d’Azur that take place at the same time as the lemon Festival such as the Nice Carnival. Follow our Nice Carnival Guide which will provide you with all necessary information on the events of this celebration together with details on places to visit such as the most beautiful inland Nicois villages. The town of Mandelieu also organises a Mimosa festival in February. This annual celebration has taken place for 10 years now. Reserve a holiday rental property in Mandelieu or a seasonal rental at Cannes, close to Tanneron, the symbolic home of the Mimosa, to enjoy this event. 

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