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The Côte des fleurs (Riviera dei Fiori) in Italy - Sanremo, Bordighera and Bussana Vecchia
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The Côte des fleurs in Italy - San Remo, Bordighera and Bussana Vecchia.

Situated on the French border (due to the flower growing cultures), Italy's Côte des fleurs (or Riviera dei Fiori), or flower coast, is on the coastline and is the continuation of the Côte d'Azur. It goes from Ventimiglia to Imperia, where you will find several seaside spots with huge beaches, just before the 'coast of palm trees'. Sanremo is one of the city of flower's most explored beaches. You will find an Italian holiday home on site where you can stay, or a seasonal home in Sanremo.

Sanremo: one of the most explored coastlines on the 'Flower Coast'.

Sanremo : a seaside resort along Italy's Côte des fleurs

Just one hour away from Nice, Sanremo has earned its reputation largely as a result of its Italian Song Festival which takes place every February. But that aside, Sanremo is an Italian seaside town, full of charm, beautiful aristocrat villas and its old town (la Pigna) which winds itself around a hill. The seafront is incredibly pleasant, with beautiful promenades where you can cycle across the park.

Bussana Vecchia: the rebirth of an abandoned village.

Bussana Vecchia Italy

The village of Bussana Vecchia was abandoned after an earthquake. Since the 1960s the village has been passing through a stage of rebirth thanks to world artists who have decided to open workshops and boutiques here. Stroll around this surprising village going through full resurrection. Wander through the alleyways to discover the richness of times gone by. Here you will also find places to restore your energy (in the form of snacks!).

Bordighera and its seaside promenade.

Bordighera in Italy

Bordighera is also a very researched and explored seaside area. You can stroll along its the seafront following a long promenade (Lungomare Argentina) for several kilometres and stop off at a terrace for a coffee to enjoy the view of the Côte des fleurs. A beautiful garden is also worth discovering with its numerous exotic plants and terraces that drop down to the sea.

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