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The Aveyron Circuit in France – the sites not to be missed
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What to see in the Department of Aveyron

Aveyron in France is a historical land with a rich cultural heritage, exceptional natural landscapes that can satisfy the desires of all visitors who wish to visit another time, another place. Gastronomy, sporting activities, exceptional sites to discover and explore; the fifth largest French Department offers almost limitless possibilities offered with great charm, from Rodez to the plains of Aubrac,  the villages of the Lot valley and the warm charm of the Marcillac valley and Causse Comtal, to one of the most beautiful towns of the country, Conques. For your stay there we offer a number of different possibilities for finding holiday rental accommodation in Aveyron, take a look at what is available.

Rodez: Prefecture of Aveyron

Rodez in France

View of Rodez

The simplest way to discover Aveyron is to start with Rodez, its major town, which is at 620 metres of altitude and its origins go back over 2,000 years! Above the valley, surrounded to the north by the Causse Comtal and the south by the Ségala, this town has kept the traces of its ancient residents, the Romans, the Celts… Take the time to admire the Notre Dame Cathedral of Rodez, built on the ruins of a 10th Century Roman Cathedral, an immense construction with a stone bell tower.  A statue of the Virgin is at the summit, at 87m, overlooking the bell tower and the 27 chapels in the interior. Follow with a visit to the Fenaille Museum to learn about the history of Rouergue with the menhir statues, Ségodunum (the original name of the town), and the Renaissance tapestries… Saturday is Market Day in City Square and Town Square; buy some of the local specialities before enjoying a picnic at Layoule, next to the River. Click here to find holiday rental properties in Rodez

The beautiful villages of Aveyron

Fortifications of Couvertoirade in Aveyron

The fortifications of Couvertoirade in Aveyron

The countryside of Aveyron is very diverse and perfect for hiking. The Aubrac, Lévézou and Grands Causses are the highest summits. The former, a volcanic mountain, is situated to the north of the department and is the start of Auvergne, hosting pastures and forests, paths lined with stone walls and streams that join the Lot valley. It is a place of shepherds huts and the site of Laguiole village. Pass by the latter to try the local dish, Aligot and buy some of the local cheese, Tomme, together with its famous knives. In the south the geological landscapes of Couvertoirade unfold, a medieval village that is entered through an ancient fortified gateway.  Admire houses from the 14th and 15th Centuries, the view from the ramparts and the 14th Century church which is adjoined by a small and surprising ancient cemetery which encapsulates the mystery of this part of Aveyron. After your visit, take the road for the Dourbie and Raspes Gorges that have their source in the Espérou peaks, the viewpoints here are astounding.

Estain, listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France

Estain, listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France

Go and explore the hills and valleys, the red land of the Marcillac area and its vineyards. The hillside village of Salles de Source, attached to the circle of chalk cliffs, is very picturesque and by taking the road to the village of Villecomtal you will pass by Rodelle and Muret le Chateau, three traditional towns known for their warm welcome. This road is particularly good for those who enjoy taking a little exercise; it is a well known cycling route!

Espalion - France


Espalion is found on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostelle, we recommend you stop and take a leisurely walk through its small streets. Close by is Estaing, one of the most beautiful villages in France, which marks the beginning of the Lot Gorges. The Gothic Cathedral and Chateau in this village should not be missed. Finally you come to Entraygues, an amazing medieval city where the Lot meets the Truyère. 

Conques in France

No visitor should go to Aveyron without stopping at Conques, one of Aveyron’s small marvels, notable in particular for the Sainte Foy Abbey built in the 16th Century and a true work of art. Do not miss the treasure of the Cathedral, the majesty of Sainte Foy itself, a splendid medieval treasure in itself! If you wish to spend a few days there then you can find some great holiday rental properties close to Conques. All visits to the villages in this area should include a tasting of the local culinary specialities, Aveyron is a department well known for its gastronomy and no trip is complete without trying some of the local products such as Aligot, Farçous (chard and herb savoury pancakes), Tripous, Roquefort from Lacaune and Marcillac; an AOC wine with hints of raspberry. 

Aveyron is also well known for Millau and its viaduct! The old town is very pleasant and the bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, is absolutely sensational. At Roquefort, to the south of the Grands Causses Natural Regional Park, you can visit the famous aging caves and end your visit in Aveyron, via roads used in the past by the Knights Templar and Order of Hospitallers on the great plain of Larzac, at Saint Jean d’Alcas, Sainte Eulalie de Cernon, and Le Viala du Pas de Jaux…

Map of Aveyron with points of interest

Map of Aveyron in France

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