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Menton holidays: discovering the French Riviera
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Menton holidays: discovering the French Riviera

Completing the easternmost side of Southern-France, at the gates of Italy, we find the city of Menton. The last enclave before the frontier, Menton's Lemon Festival, typical lively-coloured houses and pristine beaches make it famous. We propose you a visit to Menton and its equally wonderful environ, encompassing both countries!

From Menton to Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

Menton & Roquebrune Cap Martin in France

Stroked by Mediterranean waves, how lovely Menton's pebbled coves are! As much as the town's Belle Époque mansions and Provençal-style pedestrian streets, crossed by old narrow alleys. Menton is not only a touristic destination: it was the first one to be officially classified as a 'Village of Art and History'! Here, you should visit the Jean Cocteau Museum and the scented gardens of a thousand flowers. Afterwards, stroll by the seaside, through the aged docks and the city walls, the majestic divide and view of the man-made and the sea. Steps away from Menton we find Roquebrune-Cap-Martin along with its celebrated cape that can be accessed by foot. Moreover, when searching for accommodation, you don't need to decide between Roquebrune-Cap-Martin or Menton, since one is so close to the other that it won't make a difference.

Menton's perched villages

The perched villages are those of the ancient Niçois country. Near Menton, we find three of them: Roquebrune, Sainte-Agnès and Gorbio.

The medieval village of Roquebrune

Cap Martin from the old Roquebrune

A tad away from the sea and Cap-Martin, old Roquebrune is in the heights. This medieval village with hundreds-years-old-streets has an even older castle to visit. When the Middle Ages experience is finished, we recommend you to follow the seaside until the Le Corbusier Cottage (available only under reservation, so previous inquiry in the tourism office is due).

Ste Agnès : one of the most beautiful French villages

Sainte Agnès is, likewise, a jewel. The most advisable thing here is to come when the sky is clear so as to wholly benefit from the 800-meters-high vistas. Regarding the town, it deserves to be amongst the most beautiful country-wide thanks to its cobblestone streets and medieval mansions, snuggled up against each other. Such an astounding village to explore is only 10 minutes away from Menton.


At a few-kilometers-distance from Roquebrune we find Gorbio, pleasant and full of history, with and elm symbolizing the War of Spanish Succession's ending, many chapels, an ancient bread-oven...

Italy: the unmissable stage of the Menton holidays

Italy is so close that it cannot be missed. The first step is to visit the Côte des Fleurs, San Remo's Belle Époque villas, the ancient abandoned town of Bussana Vecchia and Bordighera. Vintimille's market is as interesting, though.

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