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Visit Marineland and discover Antibes - French Riviera
Holiday ideas

French Riviera holidays to discover Marineland and the Alpes Maritimes department

To visit this park, you can stay in a holiday rental in the Alpes Maritimes department. Marineland is located 5 minutes away from Antibes, Villeneuve Loubet or Biot city centre.

Dolphin jumping Killer whale jumping - Marineland Sea lion - Marineland

Discover Marineland

When entering Marineland, visitors will see the penguins swimming behind the glass. They can also be observed on a deck or in small caves. Then, penguins make a funny show which can amuses children in particular. On the other side, sea lions and seals make their own show. Some of them swim when others waddle on the rocks.

A bit further, one can find the pool where the sea lions show takes place. Another sea lions pool is situated around the first one. Next to it, tourists can find the Mangrove aquariums and the pool used for Steller sea lions (big sea lions) shows as well as the dolphins pool. In the park centre, visitors can discover the Antarctica and the skate pools (where visitors can watch and touch skates). Not far from this, there is the turtles deck and a cave where one can see them swimming. Then, arriving in the sharks tunnel, visitors can look at many different sharks species as well as several fish kinds and skates – all swimming behind the glass. This is for sure a really impressive view! People can access the killer whales pool – where killer whales and trainers repeat out of shows – thanks to a footbridge. Finally, polar bears pen is composed of hills, a glacial cave and various pools so that visitors are able to observe the animals in their own environment.


Killer whales watching – Marineland Antibes

The killer whales pool is surrounded by terraces where people can seat during shows. The pool has a transparent part facing the terraces so that people are able to watch this predator under water. Killer whales show is amazing as three animals jump or spin around in the huge pool. Several trainers are with the killer whales making them jump, swim on their back, dance or splash people watching the show.


Dolphins watching – in Marineland Antibes – facing the Mediterranean Sea

During the show, three dolphins play with hoops or balloons they send on terraces. These dolphins are also carrying a trainer as he or she was doing water skiing. The pool is facing the Mediterranean Sea and people can enjoy the show during half an hour.


Sea lions – Marineland Antibes

Two funny sea lions make jokes with their trainer during the show. Then, sea lions caper, do exercises and clap their 'hands'. This show will be enjoyed by everyone as it is probably the funniest of Marineland.

Polar bear - Marineland Killer whales swimming - Marineland Dolphin - Water-skiing

Where is Marineland located?

Marineland is located on the outskirts of Antibes just next to the cities of Biot and Villeneuve Loubet.


Where to stay to visit Marineland?

There are some hotels in Antibes or around Marineland but rates for a family are high. You would rather search for a holiday rental near Marineland. So, the entire family would stay in an accommodation in Antibes or in cities around and be able to cook its own meals. Notice that  50% would be saved compared to a hotel and that there is a better comfort in the accommodation.


How to go to Marineland?

There is a car park with daily rates in Marineland.
Train is also a mean to go to the park. Just stop at the Biot station and then walk during 5 or 10 minutes. From Antibes or Villeneuve Loubet, 2 or 3 minutes are needed, 6 minutes from Cagnes-sur-Mer, 14 minutes from Cannes or 18 minutes from Nice.


How long staying in Marineland?

An entire day is needed to visit the park. Shows can be watched several times a day (2 or 3 times depending on the show) and do not change from one to another. During summer, Marineland is opened at night until 11:00 pm so that visitors can enjoy coolness during evenings.


Practical information about Marineland

Go to the terraces at least 30 minutes before the show starts to be seated. Concerning the sea lions show, be there a long time before as the terraces are very small. Moreover for the killer whales show, pushchairs have to be placed before the footbridge except for infants. After the killer whales show, visitors should not go to the bear part (because everyone has the same idea). In the park, tourists will find various restaurants, snack bars and vending machines. Eating picnic is forbidden so there is a dedicated place to eat outside the park.
Near Marineland, visitors can go to Aquasplash, the Far West farm, Adventure Golf and an amusement park (opened on week-ends during low season and everyday in summer).

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