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Pays de la Loire

Discover La Baule during your holiday – the sites to be seen Situated along the Côte d’Amour, in the Loire-Atlantique department, the seaside resort of La Baule is very attractive with its beautiful bay and charming romantic architecture. On the Guérande peninsula, between Pornichet and Le Pouliguen, surrounded by dunes and pines, La Baule has welcomed many great people from around the world for a long time now, drawn by the Bauloise Riviera, its lovely towns and the 9km beach that provides a wonderful promenade. For your stay there we recommend privately owned holiday rental villas at La Baule. Lovers of architecture will not know where to look first in La Baule with its many rich and diverse styles. From Anglo-Norman, Basques, Gothic, Italian and even Californian, the buildings are colourful and original and always surprise visitors. The most exceptional villas among them are Regina, Pax, Louisic and La Corvette that are in the process of being listed as ...

Holiday ideas
Côte d'Azur

The Tour of Cap Martin between Menton and Monaco If you come to the Menton coast for a summer stay or during the Menton Lemon Festival, don’t forget to bring your walking shoes.  We recommend you take the Cap Martin Circuit; an easy hike that anyone can enjoy with magnificent view points and bathing opportunities.  Cap Martin, like the Cap d’Antibes or Cap Ferrat, is a natural site that should not be missed along the Côte d’Azur. Cap Martin shelters a few villas along the Mediterranean coast, some of which date back to the ‘Belle Epoque’ and the 19th Century. The path walk starts at Carnolès Beach in the Baie du Soleil.  Using your vehicle the  Avenue W. Churchill which takes you to your departure point. There is a restaurant to your left with a view over Menton Bay and a parking area. Leave your car there and start the walk. To get to the other end of the headland it will take approximately 1h30 to cover the three kilometres at a leisurely pace. At the beginning ...

Holiday ideas
Haute Savoie

Lake Geneva, the Swiss and French banks The largest natural lake in Europe, Lake Geneva is shared between France and Switzerland. On its banks are Lausanne, Geneva, Thonon, Evian and Montreux so you may hear up to four languages spoken around the banks. One of its particularities is that the border actually runs straight through the lake itself! The sunniest part of the lake is on the Swiss side and here also is the location of many highly renowned vineyards. A look across the horizon provides views of Haute Savoie and Switzerland.  Map of Lake Geneva Surrounded by the mountains of the Alps, Lake Geneva is a highly popular destination for nature lovers as well as the higher bracket tourists. For your stay here we suggest seasonal rental accommodation close to Lake Geneva in privately owned houses or apartments. View of Lausanne from the banks of Lake Geneva The Swiss Riviera, where the town of Lausanne is situated, comprises several lakes. The town ...

Holiday ideas

What to see in the Department of Aveyron Aveyron in France is a historical land with a rich cultural heritage, exceptional natural landscapes that can satisfy the desires of all visitors who wish to visit another time, another place. Gastronomy, sporting activities, exceptional sites to discover and explore; the fifth largest French Department offers almost limitless possibilities offered with great charm, from Rodez to the plains of Aubrac,  the villages of the Lot valley and the warm charm of the Marcillac valley and Causse Comtal, to one of the most beautiful towns of the country, Conques. For your stay there we offer a number of different possibilities for finding holiday rental accommodation in Aveyron, take a look at what is available. Rodez: Prefecture of Aveyron View of Rodez The simplest way to discover Aveyron is to start with Rodez, its major town, which is at 620 metres of altitude and its origins go back over 2,000 years! Above the valley, ...

Holiday ideas

Holiday in Barcelona and enjoy its seafront (Port Vell, Barceloneta and Olympic Port) Situated between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada, the capital of Cataluña, Barcelona, is one of the most appealing cities in Europe. Easily accessible from France (Montpellier) and England, it makes Barcelona highly attractive to tourists for weekends and holidays. Although less well known than its town centre or historical side, the Barcelona seafront is very lively and pleasant with lovely beaches, long promenades and superior facilities, especially since the Olympic Games here in 1992. This is why we decided to dedicate this article to the Barcelona seafront. If you wish to learn more about the points of interest of Barcelona we recommend you read our general article on this city. For accommodation you may wish to reserve a privately owned Barcelona holiday rental apartment. The Old Port of Barcelona The Old Port (Port Vell) in Barcelona is directly linked to the old ...

Holiday ideas

Holiday next to Lake Iseo in Italy A few kilometres from Bergame and Brescia can be found the countryside surrounding Iseo Lake. With mountains and canyons, hills and vineyards, this area has long attracted visitors from around the world who come to enjoy the peace and quiet. Rent an apartment close to Iseo Lake to fully benefit from this delightful region of Italy. Lake Iseo in the north of Italy with the Island of Monte Isola Lake Iseo: Calm and romantic It is next to Franciacorta, a region famous for its wine, that Iseo can be found together with the lake that bears the same name. Small flowered alleys, the Piazza Garibaldi and the Chateau Olofredi from the 13th Century, as well as Sant’Andrea, a Roman Catholic church dating from the 12th Century, compose this lovely town. Take the time to admire the beautiful clock tower of the church and the fresco decorated walls of Santa Maria des Mercato that date from the Middle Ages. To benenfit from a supuerb ...

Holiday ideas

The essential sites to visit on the Island of Reunion Boasting an air temperature of 29°C, the same in the water, combined with a tropical climate that has enabled the growth of paradisiacal luxuriant vegetation... One thing is for certain, the island of Reunion is still the dream destination.  Since being the favoured destination of explorers, with its fine white sand, the spectacular marine reefs and hundreds of pathways and hiking routes that nowadays attract thousands of visitors, nature lovers and hikers. Its three Calderas (or ‘Cirques’), Salazie, Cilaos and Mafate, tucked away in the heart of the island, the jungle panoramas, the lakes, cliffs and sandy deserts are all unforgettable. For accommodation consult our holiday rentals on the Island of Reunion to find the holiday villa of your dreams. A map of the Island of Reunion with its major points of interest The island of reunion boasts so much beautiful landscape and so many places of interest that it ...

Holiday ideas

The places of interest at Collioure close to Spain  The Catalan Coast also has its jewel in the crown, Collioure! A historical town set in the Eastern Pyrenees; Collioure offers a complete change of scenery to the tourists who come here every year to relax in one of the most beautiful areas of the Eastern Pyrenees.  Discover Collioure The town is best explored on foot starting with the town church, unique in its gothic meridional style! It possesses a famous clock tower which is surrounded on three sides by the sea. It is believed that in bygone times it also served as a lighthouse which would explain its unusual location. It’s alter is one of the most beautiful in Roussillon. Pause for a moment next to the port which inspired painters such as Matisse and Derain. The Château Royal is also not to be missed; it was the residence of the Counts of Roussillon and the Kings of Aragon from the 19th Century. Listed as a historical monument, it owes part of its reputation ...

Holiday ideas

Normandy holidays in the Channel Department, discover its most beautiful sites Coutances: The town where the Jazz festival is held under the apple trees Perched on its hill with its majestic cathedral dominating the old town, Coutances has earned the name ‘the Town of Art and History’. Situated at around ten minutes from the sea, at the same height as St Lô (around 30 km) and 30 km from Granville, Coutances is definitely worth a visit during your next holiday along the Channel. Visit the magnificent cathedral and the old town. The week of Ascension is the time to enjoy the Jazz Festival under the apple trees, celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2012. During this week the town is totally transformed into one large theatre where fanfares, street theatre, improvised theatre all take place providing a great atmosphere that has to be experienced. Of course it is almost impossible to find rental accommodation in Coutances during this time. We therefore recommend that you ...

Holiday ideas

The festive summertime atmosphere of the Niçois coastline should not incline you to ignore the inland villages of this area. Each of these characteristic and picturesque villages has its own delightful particularities. Rent a car and go exploring, before you go though let us give you a little information about some of them:  Eze village Overlooking the Mediterranean, Eze village offers a total escape for its visitors with its old cobbled streets, carefully restored houses and local crafts boutiques. Its Chateau has superb exotic gardens that are definitely well worth a visit.  La Turbie  Famous for its ‘Trophée des Alpes’, La Turbie is situated between Nice and Monaco. It has a superb view over Monaco City and Menton. The fountain and the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel are both worth the detour.   Peillon The lanes and passageways with their vaulted ceilings together with the White Penitents Chapel that possesses magnificent ...