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The advantages of Calls for Offers for tenants

  • Time-saver: there is no longer any need to contact all owners to check prices and availabilities of the holiday rental properties.


  • Personalised demand: tenants can stay in their accommodation from Sunday to Sunday or just for a few days, decide their maximum price...


  • Search according to preferences: Maximum distance from the sea, within a 10 kilometres radius of a city...


  • An Call for Offers can be managed from a tenant account: tenants can send messages to owners, see their proposals, learn more about the holiday rental property, compare several accommodations...


  • Best value for money: in the tenant account, there is a table summarizing and comparing the different proposals received by tenants.


  • Competition between owners: owners can modify their offers (e.g. lower the price...) to compete with other owners. Consequently, tenants get a fair price and the best value for money.


  • Acquire several properties for a special event: wedding, seminar, conference, trade fair...


  • Ease to finding a holiday rental property abroad: there are no more language issues as translations are completed by Genius Holidays.