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Advantages of invitations to tenders for owners

  • Thanks to the system of calls for offers, owners have more opportunities to rent their accommodation. In fact, all owners whose accommodation matches the criteria receive calls for offers. It is then up to them to make the best proposal to secure the tenant.


  • Owners are certain of being included in the selection range: there is no need to appear at the top of a web page to rent their property. Thanks to the calls for offers, if a holiday rental property matches the criteria (of the person looking for accommodation), the owner will be contacted!


  • Owners can modify their prices depending on the period and on demand: low season, last-minute cancellation, a long rental duration ... 


  • Professionals can launch calls for offers: some companies visit our website to find accommodation for employees on a business trip.


  • Owners can modify their offer by studying other owners' proposals. Owners can consequently modify their prices to rent more.


  • Owners can choose to be anonymous (to other owners and visitors to Genius Holidays): the person who launched the call for offers will be the only one to see the proposal.


  • Calls for offers can be seen by everyone. So if owners are not anonymous, holiday rentals will be noticed more easily and owners will receive even more bookings.


  • SMS reply: Owners have the option of receiving calls for offers on their mobile phone. In this way they calls for offers very quickly and consequently receive more bookings.


  • Gain clients from all over the world: as the Genius Holidays website is translated in several languages, there are no communication issue problems.


  • Owners can log in to their personal account online from anywhere.


  • Owners only pay for a publication package and eventually an option. With this package, owners can respond to every call for offers that matches their accommodation.