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Holidays in France


Geography of France

France is bordered by Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. France is the most visited country in the world and there, tourist will find a broad variety of holiday rentals in France.

Tourism in France

Beach holidays – France

accommodation France

Concerning Metropolitan France, there are the Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic ocean and the English Channel to spend beach holidays. First, the Mediterranean sea is an extremely popular destination as many people want to spend Mediterranean holidays especially during summer in France. It is located in the South of France. There, tourists can find an apartment on the French Riviera or a villa on the French Riviera (holiday rentals French Riviera) but also holiday rentals in Corsica and self-catering accommodations in the Languedoc-Roussillon region because there are tourists from all over the world. Then, the Atlantic ocean is located in the West part of France. The ocean is colder and there are more waves than in the Mediterranean sea. This place is really appreciated by surfers and consequently, there are holiday rentals close to the Atlantic ocean available for a few days or several weeks (self-catering Brittany, accommodation Poitou-Charentes). Finally, the English Channel is located in the North-West of France so it is colder than the Mediterranean sea. This place is enjoyed by many people because there are long sand beaches. During their stay, tourists can rent an accommodation near the English Channel (self-catering Basse-Normandie, holiday accommodation Haute-Normandie).

Ski holidays in France

In France, there are 6 main mountains to ski: the Alps,the Pyrenees, the Jura, the Massif Central, the Vosges and Corsica. The major ski resorts are located in the Alps in the Savoie (Savoy), Isère and Haute-Savoie departments.

Major cities – France

France attracts tourists during the whole year thanks to its cultural and architectural heritage. In the major cities, it is easy to find where to stay because there are numerous types of accommodations. To visit this major cities, tourists can also stay in self-catering accommodations close to these ones:


French traditions and countryside in France

France has many pleasant countryside areas to visit. Tourists can stay in various kinds of accommodations to discover these regions :


French celebrations

  • January in Angoulême: Angoulême International Comics Festival takes place in January for 4 days
  • February in Nice: Nice carnival takes place in February and March
  • February-April in Dunkerque: Dunkerque carnival is one of the biggest in France and takes place during 3 months
  • April in Bourges: The Printemps de Bourges is a music festival where well-known artists and new bands perform every year
  • May in Cannes: Cannes Film Festival takes place in May. There are numerous celebrations in this area during this period.
  • Whitsun in Nîmes: The Feria de Nîmes (street party) takes place during 5 days at Whitsun
  • July in Brittany: The festival des Vielles Charrues is a music festival taking place in Brittany during 5 days. This is the biggest music festival in France.
  • July in Avignon: The Festival d'Avignon is the biggest theatre festival in France
  • July-September in Arles: The Rencontres Photographiques (Photography festival) takes place during summer in Arles
  • August in Bayonne: The Fête de Bayonne (celebration) takes place for 5 days. This celebration gathers thousands of people every year.
  • September in Deauville: Deauville American Film Festival takes place in September
  • December in Lyon: Each year on the 8th of December, there is the Fête des Lumières (Lights celebration) in Lyon
  • December in Alsace: There are numerous Christmas markets in Alsace.