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Holiday rentals Corsica (Corse) France - Self catering Corsica - accommodation Corsica

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Corsica holiday idea by Genius Holiday, holidays Corsica

Holiday rental Corsica

If planning holidays in Corsica, holidaymakers should book a holiday rental Corsica by owner. In Corsica, one will enjoy idyllic holidays with wonderful sandy beaches, inlets, coves and mountains. Corsica can be reached by boat from France – Nice, Toulon, Marseille – or Italy – Genoa, Livorno, Savona and Porto Terres. Before travelling to Corsica by boat, one could rent an apartment Nice or  a self catering Toulon for a few days. One can also travel by plane and land in Calvi, Bastia, Ajaccio and Figari (near Bonifacio). So have a look at Genius Holidays to find a holiday rental Corsica., then tourists will just need to enjoy their holidays in Corsica!

Holiday accommodation Corsica

Corsica is divided into two departments: Haute Corse (High Corsica) and Corse du Sud (Southern Corsica). Once on the island, one will need to stay in a holiday accommodation Corsica as an accommodation Ajaccio to enjoy the old town and the small port. One should notice that it is quite easy to find a holiday villa in Corsica or an apartment in Corsica as there are many holiday rentals on the island. Then if going to southern Corsica, one will admire white cliffs surrounding the sea. In this area, one should look for an accommodation Bonifacio such as a villa Bonifacio. Moreover, one should go to Porto Vecchio, a famous beach resort where one will admire gorgeous landscapes and beaches. There, one could rent a villa Porto Vecchio or an apartment Porto Vecchio to enjoy beach holidays in Corsica.

Holiday Corsica

If staying in the northern part, one should also look for a holiday rental Corsica. So, one could look for an accommodation Calvi to enjoy 6km-long beaches. Then, one could also look for a holiday rental St Florent to be near Cap Corse and the Agriates desert. If wanting to visit the inland area, holidaymakers could look for a holiday rental Corte where there is a lovely old town with a citadel. Finally, on the eastern part of Corsica, one could look for an accommodation Bastia where there is a pleasant Ville Haute (upper part of the town) and a nice fishing port.

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