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Holidays in Nice, Cannes and Antibes to visit the Alpes-Maritimes department

Alpes Maritimes

Geography of the Alpes-Maritimes department

The Alpes-Maritimes department is located in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur in the South of France. At the West of the Alpes-Maritimes, there is the Var department and at the North, the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department. Then, Italy is located at the East of the department and the Mediterranean sea borders the South. There are many people living in the Mediterranean area of the department so tourists can easily find a holiday rental Alpes-Maritimes as an apartment or a villa near the Mediterranean sea. In the hinterland area, there are mountains and wonderful landscapes but the area is sparsely populated. Finally, in the mountains area, there are some pleasant ski resorts.


Visit the Alpes-Maritimes

Mediterranean holidays near Nice, Cannes or Antibes

Villa Nice

The South of the department is bordered by the Mediterranean sea. In the area, one can stay in a self-catering villa near the Mediterranean sea to enjoy Mediterranean holidays near various beach resorts located in the department. Moreover, the Alpes-Maritimes department is a part of the French Riviera as Nice is its capital. During their holidays, tourists should book a villa on the French Riviera or an apartment on the French Riviera to spend nice holidays on the French Riviera

  • An apartment Nice: this city is the French Riviera capital. Moreover, Nice is well-known through the world thanks to the Promenade des Anglais, the Old Town and the flower market. Tourists can also book a villa Nice.
  • A villa Cannes: The famous Film festival takes place in Cannes where one can enjoy sand beaches and have a walk on the Croisette. Tourists can also find an apartment Cannes.
  • An apartment Antibes: Antibes is the second biggest town of the Alpes-maritimes department. There, tourists can have a walk in the Old Town and visit the Picasso museum and the Grimaldi castle. One can also book a villa Antibes.
  • Villas Cagnes sur Mer: Cagnes-sur-Mer is well-known for the Cros de Cagnes and the small marina. Moreover, one can have a walk on the Promenade. Tourists can also rent apartments Cagnes sur Mer.
  • An apartment Menton: Menton is located near the border with Italy. There is a great climate during all the year in this city which celebrates the Lemon Festival. One can also find a villa Menton.
  • A villa Juan les Pins: Juan-les-Pins is a beach resort near Antibes. This town is full of vitality and activities where one will enjoy beaches, restaurants, bars and discotheques. There are also apartments Juan les Pins.
  • An apartment Mandelieu: Mandelieu la Napoule is a place where one will find many mimosas decorating the town. One can also book a villa Mandelieu.
  • A villa Villeneuve-Loubet: Villeneuve-Loubet is located near Antibes and Cagnes-sur-Mer. Beaches of the town are dominated by the Marina Baie des Anges (impressive buildings with a wave shape) and the harbour. One can also book an apartment Villeneuve Loubet.
  • A villa St Laurent du Var: The harbour of St-Laurent is a great place because it is really animated. There, one will find numerous restaurants and bars but also beautiful beaches near Nice. Tourists can also book other kinds of accommodation as an apartment St Laurent.
  • A villa Roquebrune Cap Martin: Roquebrune Cap martin is located between Menton and Monaco so it is a great place to visit the Eastern part of the department. One can also rent an apartment Roquebrune Cap Martin.
  • An apartment Villefranche sur Mer: the bay of Villefranche is one of the most beautiful of the French Riviera. Tourists can also rent a villa in Villefranche.
  • An apartment Beaulieu: Beaulieu sur Mer is located near Nice and is the warmest town of the department. One can also book a villa Beaulieu.
  • A villa St Jean Cap Ferrat: this town is located between Cannes and Menton. There, tourists will enjoy various beaches, vegetation and inlets. One can also book an apartment St Jean Cap Ferrat.
  • An apartment Golfe Juan: Golfe Juan is located between Nice and Cannes. There, one will find a small harbour and some sand beaches. Tourists can also find a villa Golfe Juan
  • An apartment Beausoleil: Beausoleil is located near Monaco. There, one will admire a 'Belle Epoque' architecture and enjoy a beautiful weather during the whole year. Tourists can also book a villa Beausoleil.


Holidays near the Mediterranean sea (less than 15 km away from the sea)


There are numerous towns close to the sea which are a great starting point to visit the Alpes-Maritimes department. The holiday rentals which are located in these towns are cheaper and more comfortable than the one tourists can rent in beach resorts. There, tourists can rent:

  • A villa Biot : Biot is located near Antibes. This lovely village is well-known for its glass factories. Tourists can also rent an apartment Biot
  • A villa Le Cannet: Le Cannet is located near Cannes, less than 5 km away from the Mediterranean sea. This is a pretty village with various restaurants. Tourists can book an apartment Le Cannet.
  • A villa Cannes la Bocca: Cannes la Bocca is really close to the Mediterranean sea near Cannes. One can also book an apartment Cannes la Bocca.
  • A villa La Turbie: La Turbie is located near Monaco. In this town, one can admire the Trophée des Alpes (monument). Tourists can also find an apartment La Turbie.
  • A villa Mougins: Mougins is a good starting point to visit Grasse hinterland and the seaside as this town is located near Cannes and Antibes. Tourists can rent an apartment Mougins.
  • A villa Valbonne: Valbonne is located near Sophia-Antipolis. It is a pleasant town where one will see lovely stone houses (typical of villages), alleyways where numerous craftsmen, and arcades. Tourists can also book an apartment Valbonne.
  • A villa Vallauris: Vallauris is located on the hills close to Golfe Juan. There, tourists can buy pieces of pottery as this is the town speciality. One can also rent an apartment Vallauris.


Mediterranean holidays near Grasse, Vence and St Paul.

Apartment Grasse

This area is better preserved than the seaside, so if wanting to spend holidays between sea and countryside, this is the ideal place! There, tourists can visit numerous villages and have a walk in tracks surrounded by beautiful landscapes. In the area, tourists can rent:

  • A villa Grasse: Grasse is the capital of perfume and a nice starting point to visit the hinterland. Tourists can also stay in an apartment Grasse.
  • An apartment La Gaude: La Gaude is located on a hill near Cagnes-sur-Mer so, this is an amazing viewpoint on the coast. One can also book a villa La Gaude.
  • A villa Bar sur-Loup: Bar sur Loup is located at the East of Grasse. This is a pleasant town near Gourdon (perched village). Tourists can book an apartment Bar sur Loup to visit and admire settings as the Gorges du Loup.
  • A villa Vence: Vence is located on a hill close to Cagnes sur Mer. Tourists can hike there as there are more than 200 km of tracks in the area between St Paul and the Col de Vence (Pass of Vence). One can also rent an apartment Vence.
  • A villa St Paul Vence: St Paul is located near Vence. There are listed ramparts in St Paul which is one of the most beautiful villages in the Alpes-Maritimes department. Moreover, if enjoying art, one should go to the Maeght foundation. One can also book an apartment St Paul.
  • A villa Carros: Carros is located 20 km away from Nice and dominates the Vallée du Var. There is a great historical and archaeological heritage. Tourists can also rent an apartment Carros.
  • A holiday rental Gattieres: Gattieres is a medieval village located 15 km away from Nice on the upper part of St Laurent.


The hinterland of the Alpes-Maritimes department

Countryside French Riviera

The landscapes in the hinterland do not look like those one can see on the seaside.  There, one will be in the middle of countryside and mountains. This area is like heaven for hikers and people liking holidays in the countryside. Moreover, several villages should be visited. There, one can stay in:

  • A holiday rental Seranon: this village is located in Grasse hinterland between Alpes-Maritimes and Verdon. This is a great starting point to hike.
  • A self-catering in Bouyon: Bouyon is located 35 km away from Nice. This is a pleasant village to spend peaceful holidays close to nature.

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