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Holiday in Corsica to visit the island

La corse

Geography of Corsica

Corsica is a French region located in the Mediterranean, 160 km away from mainland. Corsica is the third biggest island of the Mediterranean sea after Sicily and Sardinia. From France, one can reach Corsica by boat as there are departures in Nice, Toulon and Marseille. If coming from abroad, one can travel by plane to land in Calvi, Bastia, Ajaccio and Figari. Tourists will find accommodation Corsica.

Places to go on holiday in Corsica

Holidays in the Cap Corse

Marine cap corse

The Cap Corse is located on the North of the island. There tourists will enjoy various landscapes, culture and tradition. To visit this area, one can start from Bastia and go to Patrimonio which is situated on the West part of the Cap Corse. Typical harbours, small marinas, sand beaches and y villages will be seen during the trip. To visit all the Cap Corse area, one will need to drive 180 km. Tourists will find numerous accommodations in the Cap Corse  – as a villa Cap Corse – or near this area:

  • Holiday rental Erbalunga: Erbalunga is a pretty village where there is a small marina. Tourists should go there during Easter to see the La Cerca procession.
  • Self-catering Macinaggio: in Macinaggio, tourists will enjoy a beautiful and small fishing port and admire old houses close to the harbour. In the area, tourists can have a walk on the coastal footpath from Macinaggio to Barcaggio. One can also find an accommodation Rogliano.
  • Accommodation Centuri: in Centuri there is a lovely small harbour. Tourists can hike on the coastal footpath from Centuri to Barcaggio.
  • Holiday rental Canari: in Canari, there are two churches deserving a visit.
  • Self-catering Nonza: Nonza is a small village where tourists will find a grey-sand bay and a beach with black pebbles.
  • Villa Patrimonio: Patrimonio is well-known thank to its wine. Moreover tourists should go to St Martin church. One can also book an apartment in Patrimonio.

Holidays in Corsica mountains


Corsica is famous for its splendid sandy beaches, fabulous inlets and typical villages but it is also a place where one can enjoy mountains. There, tourists should visit areas as Castagniccia, Corte, Bavella Needles, Asco Valley and Vizzavona forest. These places are nice to visit and one can find a holiday rental to stay there:

  • Accommodation Corte: in Corte, tourists should visit the citadel and the high part of the town. This is a good starting point to hike in the mountains.
  • Self-catering Ghisoni: Ghisoni is a small village which is a good departure to hike in the mountains around the village.
  • Holiday rental Zonza: Zonza is located near the Bavella Needles. This village is a nice place to visit and tourists should hike in the area around Zonza which is full of pines, oaks and chestnut trees.
  • Accommodation Vizzavona: Vizzavona is a great place to hike as there is a forest close to the village where tourists will admire beautiful landscapes.
  • Villa Sartene: Sartène is a typical village of Corsica and its Old Town should be visited. During Easter, tourists should go to the Catenacciu procession. One can also rent an apartment Sartene.
  • Holiday rental Levie: Levie is a small village where one will see numerous neolithic vestiges. Moreover, one should go to the Musée de l'Alta Rocca (Alta Rocca Museum).

Holidays in Bastia

Accommodation Bastia: Bastia is located in the Haute Corse. There tourists should visit the Old Town, the citadel and the old port. Divers will enjoy Bastia as there are several nice spots to dive in the area. One can also practice canoeing and paragliding.
One can also rent an accommodation in Furiani which is located near Bastia. From this town, one will get a beautiful view on the West coast.


Holidays in Ajaccio


Accommodation Ajaccio: Ajaccio is located on the southern part of Corsica where there is a bay with several beaches. There tourists could visit the Fesch museum, the Old Town and the Maison Bonaparte.


Holiday in Calvi


Accommodation Calvi: Calvi is a harbour town which is located in a bay. Behind the city, tourists will see the Monte Cinto snowy peaks. Calvi is a pleasant and popular city where tourists will be able to practice many water activities. In Calvi, one should visit the citadel and enjoy the numerous sand beaches.


Holidays in St Florent and L'île Rousse


St Florent and L'île Rousse are situated on the West coast of Corsica. Saint Florent is located next to the Cap Corse near Patrimonio. Moreover, St Florent and L'île Rousse are separated by the Agriates desert deserving a visit. In the area, tourists will find lovely beaches as the Saleccia and Loto ones.

  • Villa Ile Rousse or apartment Ile Rousse: L'île Rousse is a beach resort where tourists will enjoy beaches, sunny weather and sightseeing to visit the Balagne area.
  • Villa St Florent or apartment St Florent: Saint Florent is a beach resort where one will find wonderful beaches. Tourists should visit the citadel, the former cathedral of Nebbio and go to the Loto beach.

Holidays in Bonifacio


Accommodation Bonifacio: Bonifacio is located in the Southern part of Corsica. In the city, there are many places to go as the citadel or the marina. Moreover, tourists should explore the sea caves in Bonifacio area. Finally, sun seekers should go to Piantarella beach.


Holiday in Porto Vecchio


Accommodation Porto Vecchio: Porto Vecchio is located in a bay which attracts many tourists. There, one will enjoy splendid sand beaches as the Palombaggia, Pinarellu and Santa Giullia ones. The city is really lively in summer and there are numerous things to do in Porto Vecchio.


Holidays in Propriano

Plage proche propriano

Accommodation Propriano: Propriano is located on the West Coast and is a part of the bay of Valinco. There, tourists will enjoy various water activities on the Pujara and Baraci beaches.


Holidays in Porto area


The Gulf of Porto is located between Calvi and Ajaccio. There, one should go to the Calanques (inlets) to enjoy amazing lanscapes. Tourists can also go to Piana by the Filcajola road. 

  • Accommodation Porto: Porto is located near both the Mediterranean and mountains. There, tourists will enjoy a pebble beach near the marina.
  • Accommodation Piana: Piana is a small typical village located between Porto and Cargèse. Tourists can also rent an accommodation Cargèse.

Holidays near Bavella Needles


Bavella Needles are rocky peaks which look like needles. To look at it, one should stop at the Bavella pass. To be in the area of the Bavella Needles, one should look for an accommodation Solenzara or an accommodation Quenza.