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Holiday guide to the Savoy ski resorts

Savoy map

The Savoy geography


The mountainous Savoy department is situated in the Rhône Alpes region which, due to its geography, has a great number of ski resorts. Savoy is also highly renowned for its cheese; Beaufort, Reblochon, Tomme de Savoie and Gruyère de Savoie. Major ski areas are located at the valleys of Maurienne, Tarentaise and Vanoise as well as the Three Valleys that includes Courchevel, Méribel, Val Thorens and Les Ménuires and Paradiski that includes La Plagne and Les Arcs. Choose from a great variety of ski rental accommodation in Savoy (France), available both summer and winter so you can enjoy the lovely Savoy mountain resorts at any time. 

Les Menuires - an important ski resort in Savoy

The different ski resorts in Savoy

Before you go on a skiing holiday in the Northern Alps we suggest you read our guide on the different ski resorts in the Department of Savoy. For accommodation you may wish to choose between Paradiski holiday rental accommodation, holiday rental properties in the 3 Valleys or maybe rental accommodation in Les Sybelles. 

  • Aillons-Margériaz ski resort

Situated 26km from Chambéry, in Savoy, is the Aillons Margériaz resort. It boasts 40km of alpine skiing with 20 ski lifts and is located at between 1,000 and 1,850m altitude on Mont Margériaz.  For those who enjoy Nordic skiing there are 20km of routes.


  • Albiez Montrond ski resort

Albiez Montrond ski resort offers alpine skiing over 35 km with 19 ski slopes and 22km for Nordic skiing. It is a family resort for beginners and experienced skiers. There are routes for snow shoes, a sled run for children, a Snow Park and a Slalom Stadium. It is situated at between 1,500 and 2,200m altitude. Stay in an Albiez Montrond rental property so everyone can have a great time! 


  • Arêches Beaufort ski resort

The family ski resort of Arêches Beaufort, 76km from Chambéry, has 50km of alpine ski slopes, 24km for cross country skiing and 20km of snow shoe routes. Border Cross, a sled run for children and a Nordic Park are also available. Stay in rental accommodation at Arêches Beaufort for its proximity to Mont Blanc

The ski resort of Tignes Tignes Tignes
  • Aussois ski resort

Aussois village resort at between 1,500 and 2,750 m altitude offers 55 km of ski slopes with 10 ski lifts and 21 ski slopes for alpine skiing at the base of the Vanoise National Park. Fans of Nordic skiing will also profit from 30 km of posted ski slopes. See our selection of Aussois holiday rental accommodation


  • Bessans ski resort

Bessans ski resort – 138 km from Chambéry – has preserved its traditional aspect within its natural surroundings. You will certainly like the village with its numerous activities including Nordic skiing, sled dog rides and snow shoe hikes. There are 80 km of slopes for Nordic skiing and 3 km of slopes for alpine skiing including 1 green slope and 2 blue. Choose holiday accommodation in Bessans for its peaceful setting, perfect for cross country skiing.  


  • Bonneval sur Arc ski resort

Bonneval sur Arc ski resort is situated at between 1,800 and 3,000m altitude and boasts 25km of ski slopes for all levels as well as 11 ski lifts. Those who enjoy a challenge may wish to try ice climbing here or do some winter MTB. Reserve a ski holiday rental property in Bonneval sur Arc for high altitude adventure in a superb village setting. 


  • Bramans Val d’Ambin ski resort

Bramans ski resort is renowned for its Nordic skiing in Vanoise although alpine skiing, cross country skiing and snow shoes routes covering 25km are also available. Enjoy cross country skiing in a marvellous setting; book rental accommodation at Bramans.  

Ski resort of Valloire The val cenis in vanoise reberty 2000 ski resort
  • Brides les Bains ski resort

The Brides les Bains ski resort, accessible by cable car, is situated at the foot of the Méribel ski resort which is part of the Méribel Valley that boasts an area of 150km for skiing including 75 alpine ski slopes. The altitude extends from 600 to 3,200m. Those who like to relax after a day’s skiing will definitely want to rent holiday accommodation at Brides les Bains and benefit from the great skiing and the Turkish baths, massages and thermal spa treatments available (more details on but only in french).    


  • Celliers ski resort

Celliers ski resort at 1,350m altitude is reached via the Valmorel cable car. It offers 150 km of alpine ski divided among 86 slopes and snow shoeing is also possible here. Staying in holiday accommodation in Celliers offers both a village atmosphere and a large ski area


  • Courcheval ski resort

The Courchevel ski resort has a huge skiing area with 150 km of slopes for alpine skiing between 1,300 metres and 2,700 metres of altitude. Nordic skiing is available over 70 km of slopes and there are some great hiking routes for snow shoes. If you are looking for great ski slopes then you will love Boarder Cross with its slalom stadium and ski jump trampoline. The sled run is highly popular with children and a snow park is also available. Choose Courchevel holiday rental accommodation for an unforgettable holiday! 


  • Crest Voland Cohennoz ski resort

The village resort of Crest Voland Cohennoz gives you access to Espace Diamant with its 185km of ski slopes. It lies between 1,000 and 2,070m altitude and, especially popular with Nordic skiers, it boasts 120km of routes. The more experienced will no doubt wish to visit Nordic Park and the Border Cross. It is also possible to enjoy night skiing here. Search for your Crest Voland ski accommodation here, near to Megève. 

  • La Plagne ski resort

La Plagne ski resort includes 10 different but equally charming resorts. It is situated at an altitude of between 1,250 and 3,250m of altitude and boasts 225km of slopes for alpine skiing – great for both beginners and the more experienced. Those who prefer Nordic skiing will enjoy the 30km of marked routes at the Paradiski resort which cover the Arcs and La Plagne areas. Rent a ski holiday property in La Plagne; a skier’s paradise!

Ski resort of Meribel Meribel in Savoy Meribel
  • Les Arcs ski resort

Les Arcs ski resort is only 33 km from Bourg Saint Maurice. It boasts 200 km of ski slopes and 54 ski lifts.  This resort in fact groups together 4 villages; Les Arcs 1600, Les Arcs 1800, Les Arcs 1950 and Les Arcs 2000. A cable car provides access from Bourg Saint Martin. The area extends between 1,200m and 3,200 m altitude and includes 105 alpine ski slopes. Stay in a holiday rental property in Les Arcs and enjoy grandiose scenery. 


  • Les Ménuires ski resort

The Ménuires ski resort is only 54 km from Bourg Saint Maurice which is in the Three Valleys area which lies between 1,400m and 2,800m altitude. There are 60 slopes over a total of 160 km including 28km for Nordic skiing. Winter sports lovers should definitely visit Boarder cross, Snow Park, and the Slalom Stadium. For routes through the forest try a ride on a dog sled. Stay in a Les Ménuires holiday rental property and enjoy all the winter sports available here!


  • Méribel ski resort

The upmarket ski resort of Méribel, 43km from Albertville, is situated at between 1,450 and 2,900m of altitude and boasts 150km of ski area divided among 73 ski slopes including 30 classified as blue. There is also 33km of cross country skiing available and a sled run for children as well as numerous other amenities such as halfpipe, Snow Park, slalom course and even ice climbing. Choose rental accommodation at Méribel for the great choice of winter sport activities.  


  • Tignes ski resort

Tignes ski resort, 84 km from Albertville, has a huge area available for skiing including 154 ski slopes distributed over 150 km. The ski lifts are free for beginners. Espace Killy itself occupies an area of 300 km and lies between 1,500 and 3,450m of altitude. Cross country skiers will have plenty to enjoy with 20km of posted routes. More experienced skiers will enjoy a halfpipe, slalom stadium, ice diving and ice climbing – you can even try MTB on ice! Choose rental accommodation at Tignes; considered to be one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world! 

Meribel saint martin de belleville Naves ski resort of Valmorel
  • Val d’Isère ski resort

The Val d’Isère ski resort shares the Espace Killy with the Tignes resort. The area includes 300km divided among 154 ski slopes for alpine skiing. It is at an altitude of between 1,850 and 3,500m. There are also 44km of posted routes for cross country skiing and 4 routes for snow shoes. If you wish to visit Espace Killy then we suggest Val d’Isère holiday rental accommodation.  


  • Val Thorens ski resort

Val Thorens forms part of the Three Valleys ski area but also has the distinction of having its own village ski resort. In Val Thorens you can enjoy 140km of ski slopes with 31 ski lifts however you should note that there are no cars here. The area lies between 1,800 and 3,200m altitude and there are 3 snow shoe tracks together with 3 posted hiking paths. Winter sports fans will enjoy the many amenities available including slalom courses and a snow park. There is also a sled run for children. For an enjoyable ski holiday choose rental accommodation in Val Thorens


  • Valmorel ski resort

Valmorel ski resort is situated at only 36km from Albertville. It is a village resort that abounds in charm mainly due to its lovely architecture, it also has no cars. The area lies between 1,200 and 2,500m of altitude and boasts 55 ski slopes providing 94km of skiing pleasure. A variety of activities are available here including a Snow Park, slalom stadium and border cross. Rent holiday accommodation at Valmorel for the lovely setting and the ski slopes.   


  • Val Cenis Vanoise ski resort

The Val Cenis Vanoise ski resort is 120km from Chambéry, very close to Italy in the Haute Maurienne. It is situated at between 1,300 and 2,800m of altitude and offers 125 km of ski slopes. Nordic style skiers are not forgotten with 27km of posted routes. Dog sledding is also available together with a sled run for the children and an adults’ sled run too. Ice climbers will also find what they are looking for here. Rent ski holiday accommodation at Val Cenis Vanoise and enjoy a charming resort with great skiing and a magnificent architectural heritage.  


  • Valfréjus ski resort

97km from Albertville is the ski resort of Valfréjus with its numerous attractive wooden chalets. It is only 4 hours from Paris by TGV making it great for a quick getaway. Valfréjus offers 65km of alpine ski slopes as well as a Slalom stadium and sled run which is very popular with children. The resort is situated at between 1,550 and 2,700m of altitude and boasts 23 ski slopes and 12 ski lifts. Stay in ski holiday accommodation in Valfréjus, a very charming family ski resort!


  • Termignon la Vanoise ski resort

Termignon ski resort is 17km from Modane. Although many people enjoy alpine skiing at this village resort, it is most popular for hiking and cross country skiing. The resort is situated at 1,300 to 2,4560m of altitude and boasts 125km of alpine ski slopes and over 35km of marked routes for cross country skiing among beautiful countryside. Choose ski holiday rental accommodation at La Vanoise for awesome natural scenery!

  • Orelle ski resort

Orelle ski resort is situated in the Maurienne Valley, Trois Vallées. Skiing in Val Thorens is popular with over 600 km of slopes available in total in the Trois Vallées area. Orelle ski resort alone has 145km for alpine skiing with 32 ski lifts. Access to the Three Valleys area is by cable car from Orelle. Choose rental accommodation in Orelle for its traditional character and huge ski area.  

  • Valloire ski resort

If you are planning a family holiday in Savoy then we definitely recommend the Valloire ski resort. Between 1,400 and 2,600 metres of altitude, this resort offers 150 km of ski slopes for alpine skiing. Those who enjoy cross country skiing are not neglected with 10 km of slopes. There is an international ice sculpture competition that takes place here every January too. Snow shoeing is possible on 7 different posted routes. Stay in charming Valloire holiday rental accommodation for your family winter sports holiday. 


  • La Norma ski resort

La Norma is actually close to Modane. It is a family ski resort at 1,350 to 2,750m of altitude. The scenery is lovely here with forests and wood chalets. It has been awarded the child friendly ‘Famille Plus’ certificate. There is a great Snow Park for more experienced skiers as well as 27 ski slopes. Snow shoe routes are also available and children will love the sled run. Those who love a challenge will enjoy the ice climbing here. For a worry free family holiday choose rental accommodation at La Norma, there is something for everyone here! 


  • La Toussuire ski resort

The La Toussuire ski resort is only 90km from Chambéry. Les Sybelles is the actual ski area. This family resort benefits from a high degree of sunshine, 45km of slopes for alpine skiing and also offers access to the Le Corbier ski resort. La Toussuire is situated at an altitude of 1,800 to 2,600m and has 27km of posted routes for cross country skiing. Choose rental accommodation at La Toussuire for its unforgettable surroundings.  


  • Le Corbier ski resort

Le Corbier ski resort, like Toussuire, is in the Les Sybelles ski area which is between 1,550m and 2,600m altitude. It boasts 90km of alpine ski slopes and 28km for cross country skiing connected to La Toussuire. In total Les Sybelles has 310 km of ski slopes. Contrary to La Toussuire, the architecture here is modern and buildings are connected by galleries. 22km of routes are available for snow shoeing. Choose holiday apartment in Le Corbier and enjoy the vast skiing area available here.  


  • Saint Martin de Belleville ski resort

The Saint Martin de Belleville ski resort is close to the Ménuires resort and is definitely worth a detour. The 160 km of ski slopes for alpine skiing, 28 km of posted routes and snow shoe routes will appeal to a wide variety of winter sports lovers. Choose holiday home in Saint Martin de Belleville and enjoy the atmosphere of this charming village. 


  • Les Karellis ski resort

Les Karellis ski resort, 92km from Chambéry, is actually composed of 7 villages. The area lies between 1,600 and 2,550m altitude and has 28 ski slopes on 60km plus 30km for cross country skiing. More experienced skiers will probably enjoy using the facilities at Border Cross, the Snow Park or the Slalom Stadium. Rent holiday accommodation at Les Karellis, a ski resort for skiers of all levels.


  • Montchavin les Coches ski resort

Montchavin les Coches ski resort actually serves two villages, Montchavin and Les Coches. The area lies at between 1,250 and 2,350 m of altitude and is accessible from these two villages to the La Plagne and Paradiski ski area. There are 135 alpine ski slopes and 20 km for Nordic skiing. Choose a holiday rental property in Montchavin les Coches for family or friends winter sports holidays.


  • Les Saisies ski resort

Close to Beaufortin is the ski resort of Les Saisies at 1,600m altitude. This resort is particularly well known for its Nordic area which is at the Espace Diamant. You will find 185km of ski slopes for alpine skiing and Nordic skiers there are 120km of posted routes for skating. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced skier, choose rental accommodation at Les Saisies for your winter sports holiday.


  • The Peisey Nancroix Vallandry ski resort

Peisey Vallandry ski resort is a small resort that benefits from its proximity to the vast Vanoise Park. It is situated at between 1,600 and 3,200 metres altitude with 106 ski slopes; 200km for alpine skiing, 43 for Nordic skiing and 41 for ice skating. This resort features 5 small villages at the heart of Paradiski – choose a Peisey Vallandry holiday rental property and enjoy both a lovely setting and huge ski area. 


  • Saint Sorlin d’Arves ski resort

The ski resort of Saint Sorlin d’Arves offers 120 km of slopes for alpine skiing and 20 km for Nordic skiing at Les Sybelles divided among 35 slopes. Rent holiday accommodation in Saint Sorlin d’Arves and enjoy the charm of this traditional village.  


  • La Tania ski resort

La Tania ski resort, 95 km from Chambéry, forms part of the huge Three Valleys ski area which offers skiing for all levels. It has 150 km of slopes for alpine skiing, 60km for Nordic skiing and 20 km of forest routes. Stay in La Tania holiday rental accommodation and benefit from an enormous ski area.