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Visit the most beautiful villages in Dordogne (France) for your holiday

The Dordogne has seven villages recognised as among the most beautiful in France as well as numerous chateaux, grottoes and natural sites. The area is ideal for a family holiday. Choose a privately owned Dordogne holiday rental property and discover some of the great places to see and visit that we present in this article.  

Map of the most beautiful villages in Dordogne - France

Holiday at Belvès, the village with seven bell towers


Belvès in Dordogne - village of seven bell towers


Belvès, the village of seven bell towers, is a fortified city constructed on a rocky spine with troglodytic dwellings. Come and discover this village with its town hall housed in an old Dominican convent, stay in holiday accommodation in Belvès.

Holiday in the Périgord Noir at Saint Léon sur Vézère


Saint Léon sur Vézère in Dordogne


Saint Léon sur Vézère situated in Périgord Noir close to Montignac shelters a church with Roman art. Visit the Château des Clérans, the Château de la Salle or the Château de Chabans. Choose holiday accommodation in Périgord Noir or a holiday rental property in Saint Léon sur Vézère and enjoy being in one of the most beautiful villages in France. Discover the outskirts of Sarlat, the grotto at Lascaux and numerous historical sites.  

Holiday at Saint Jean de Côle in Périgord Vert


Marthonie chateau in St Jean de Cole in green Périgord


Saint Jean de Côle is in Périgord Vert. Superb old half timbered houses, alleys, an 11th century church and the Marthonie Château can all be discovered by choosing to stay in holiday accommodation at Périgord Vert or a holiday rental property at Saint Jean de Côle itself.

Holiday at Beynac and Cazenac to visit the Chateau


Beynac et Cazenac in the Périgord in France


The village Beynac et Cazenac is found at the foot of a 12th century château, the terrace of the latter offers a superb view over the Chateau de Castelnaud, the Chateau de Fayrac and the Barre de Domme. Boat trips on the Dordogne are available, rent holiday accommodation in Beyrac et Cazenac in a cottage or stay in a guesthouse.

Holiday at Castelnaud la Chapelle to discover the most popular castle in the Dordogne


Castelnaud le Chapelle and the most popular castle of Dordogne


Castelnaud la Chapelle is a magnificent village close to Beynac where the streets and alleys slope down to meet the Château de Castelnaud and the Château des Milandes. Around the village you can stay in holiday accommodation at Castelnaud la Chapelle and so discover this lovely area.

Holiday in the Périgord Pourpre


Monpazier in the perigord Pourpre


Monpazier is right at the heart of Périgord Pourpre and is the most handsome fortified town in Périgord. There are some lovely arcades organised around the central place with halls from the 16th century. Choose Monpazier holiday accommodation or a holiday rental property in Périgord Pourpre to enjoy this area to the full.

Holiday at Saint Amand de Coly


St Amand de Coly in the area of Montignac


Saint Amand de Coly is situated close to Montignac, this village is well worth a visit for its magnificent fortified church of which part of its tower can be seen. Some beautiful old houses can be seen when staying here in a Saint Amand holiday rental property.

Holiday at Domme fort


Domme in Dordogne


Domme is a fortified village that offers a magnificent view over neighbouring villages in Périgord. The grottoes in the Domme cliffs are the largest in the area. Belvédère de la Barre offers a lovely view over the Dordogne valley and Montfort.

Holiday at Roque Gageac and visit its exotic gardens and chateaux


Roque Gageac in Périgord


Roque Gageac is situated beside a river and cliffs, it boasts lovely houses with slate roofs and extraordinary exotic gardens. Five chateaux can be found around the village. To find holiday accommodation, simply search for privately owned holiday rental property at Roque Gageac.

Holiday in Limeuil, a medieval village


Limeuil in Dordogne


Limeuil is an attractive fortified village where a visit to its old town is accentuated by the medieval atmosphere of its ramparts. Belvédère de Sors offers a panoramic view over the valleys of the Dordogne and Vézère. From Siorac-en- Périgord you can admire the magnificent colours of the cliffs that change according to the time and the amount of sunlight. Close by, you can visit the Gouffre de Proumeyssac if you choose holiday accommodation at Limeuil.