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100% Verified holiday rental: Set off with no worries!

100% Verified: A summary



Genius Holidays pays a visit to accommodations who wish to have the logo “100% Checked”. All accommodation that bears the logo "100% Verified" has been personally verified by one of the Genius Holidays team. This verification includes:



  • A physical inspection of the accommodation


  • A verification on the owner's identity


  • A guarantee for the tenants


  • More reservations for the owner




100 % Verified: In detail

A “100% verified” logo on an advertisement means that the accommodation has been checked by a member of Genius Holidays ( a physical inspection of the property). This service guarantees the existence of the accommodation. We also check several other points ( see the advantages list).
This service is optional and is undertaken only upon request from the owner. It is reserved exclusively to those who advertise on Genius Holidays. Unlike other websites, with this service Genius Holidays verifies the accuracy of the advertisements. It guarantees future tenants the existence and quality of the accommodation and thereby increases the numbers of reservations to the owners.
100% Verified advantages for the owner

100% Verified advantages for the tenant
The logo Trustworthy Accommodation